Mambo Man

Director Mo Fini, Edesio Alejandro

The feature film «Mambo Man» is a low–budget, but very high-quality independent film. Everything is beautiful here: landscapes, actors, musicians, the magical atmosphere of Cuba, the original Cuban culture.

In a good way, the film is old-fashioned and allows you to indulge in nostalgia for the times when cinema told an instructive story with a moral message. According to the authors themselves, the plot is based on a real story and the prototype of the main character is a real person.

The main character is a farmer and music promoter JC (Hector Noas). He is a good and kind person, but not very successful in financial matters. Once his companion offered him a dubious deal, promising a good income. JC agrees, as he has a wife and a daughter, whom he loves very much. This is the storyline of the film. But the plot in this film is not the main thing. The plot is blurred in the overall atmosphere of the film. The story of the deal is on the second or even third plane. Only towards the final, the storyline comes to the fore. Thus, this film does not tell a story but shows a vivid picture of popular life in Cuba.

After watching this film, the viewer will be able to get a certain idea of Cuba, as if he himself had been there. Yes, this is, of course, a superficial acquaintance with this wonderful country and culture. It is no accident that tourists are present in one of the episodes. In fact, the audience is the tourists who are immersed in the authentic life of the Island of Freedom for an hour and a half.

The film has very bright musical numbers, very colorful characters, and very beautiful landscapes. The film stars many well-known Cuban musicians who have created a separate layer of the film. It is the national Cuban motifs that help to feel the soul of the people. Cubans are presented in the film as cheerful, cheerful, and optimistic people. They are ready to sing and dance no matter what happened. Despite the difficult and tragic pages in the history of Cuba, as well as modern problems, Cuban music gives a good mood and joy of life. The cheerful and groovy songs of the Cubans show that these people are able to withstand any difficulties.

After watching this movie, it would be interesting to visit Cuba and meet these amazing people. The directors were able to show the national character and the soul of the people. The characters of the film are kind, sincere, sympathetic, and trusting people. There is no cunning or malice in them. They just want to live well, despite all the economic difficulties.

Despite the small budget, the film looks like highly professional work. The camerawork is beyond praise, and every actor is in his place. Especially noteworthy is the acting performance of Hector Noas, who played the unlucky farmer JC.

«Mambo Man» is a modest masterpiece of modern independent cinema that preserves the traditions of good old European cinema, which was shot by good people about good people for good people.

Grades on a five-point scale

Director’s work    5

Scenario                4

Actor’s work          5

Camera work         5