Best Short


Instant Doctor

Director Youth, Diogo Gameiro


What will the future of healthcare hold? Will algorithms eclipse doctors entirely? We hope not. Instant doctor is a short film to show appreciation for doctors and healthcare human workers everywhere.



Best Feature


Director Jeremy Rubier

Canada, Japan

Sayo is the story of a sister in a quest to forgiveness and her pilgrimage through the land of the dead in the search for the lost soul of her deceased twin sister.





Best Documentary

The third grace   

Director Duval Louis-Pierre


In Mayenne, a historic region of French heritage, there is an Orthodox monastery dedicated to the Holy Mother of God. The film is an intimate window on the life of the sisters of the monastery from morning prayer until evening vespers.

Best Web Episode



Director Elea Clair

United States

Julie is a French immigrant who just moved to NY to pursue her American dream and starts working in a small chaotic restaurant. It’s her first shift and nothing goes as expected. In addition to the customer’s weirdest requests, Julie also has to deal with a co-worker animosity. It sucks to be the newbie.



Best Animation


Director HongWei Wang


One day a strange little white man picked up a mysterious huge box which there was a little grey man in it. They ate and played together, they enjoyed their time. But soon after, the strange things happened. Why did the little grey man deterred the white from looking for his mother? What was the white snakes that attacked the white every night? The grey was brave, whenever the snakes attacked, he protected the white. Until one night, something magic but horrible happened!



Best Student Film

In the Deep See

Director Brian D. Greene

United States

This is not a «creature feature», more an experiential film to guide the viewer on a virtual dive in the Deep See submersible. Filmed aboard the Undersea Hunter Group’s M/V Argo, on location at Cocos Island, Costa Rica.




Best Music Video

Christmas morning

Director karni and saul

United Kingdom

A duvet fantasy animation for Jack Savoretti. Duvet dwellers live in a secret soft blanket cave in a kids room.


Best Experimental Film

A walk in the forest

Director Johanne Chagnon


Walks in the forest can be surprising. You never know what might be waiting for you at the bend of a tree. In the darkness of this maze, on this wallpaper open to all possibilities, attachments can arise, experiences can be lived. A universe where you can face what you can extract from it. Blood beats in the breath. These strolls are revealing when one is ready to venture there.


Best Camera

Thatha — The Ice Lolly Grandpa

Directors Anirudh Ganapathy, Alessandro Maso

Italy, India

This is the story of an elderly man, who lives in Chennai — India.
Ponnusamy, who is currently 78, has been selling Ice Lollies for the past 24 years.
He walks around 25km everyday to procure and sell these lollies, mostly to kids who eagerly await to the sound of his horn and fondly call him «Ice Thatha», which means Ice Lolly Grandpa.



Best Actor, Best Actress

Roberto Alvarez, Elisabet Terri


Director Elisabet Terri


Two mysterious characters are facing each other separated by a cold bars of a dark cell where nothing is what it seems. Intense dialogue and persuasion will make the disorder flourish, how to go through dementia if it has never been experienced before?



Best Director


Director Mikel Arraiz


Martha feels lonely, her heart is empty, so she looks for love in a dating app. One day, checking the app, she finds Michael, a very handsome man. She falls in love with him and sends him a message to have a date that same night. Michael checks her profile and falls in love too, so he accepts the date. They meet for dinner. How will things work out?




Best Feature Screenplay

Cosmosis of Worlds 

Writer Richard Trask

United States

A young couple discover perpetual atomic replication of all human individuals after death, which nobody believes except their consulting renowned astrophysicist, who won’t help them reveal it.

Best Short Screenplay

Deliverance in Faith   

Writer Beatrice Malave

United States

A Wife and Mother of two has lost her way with God. She is torn between her relationship with her family and God. While her family is being torn apart, the loss of her job, she contemplates on giving up on God for good.

Best Web Series Screenplay

Treasures of Todomondo

Writer Antonio Arrieta


Two siblings must recover all the cursed objects from a store they took charge, thinking they were nothing but old junk.