Best Short


Director Andrei Thutat Ungur


«Reboot» is an award-winning movie about a lonesome man suffering from depression and obsessive regrets, who chooses to erase his memory in order to restart his life and get a second chance at living a normal life.





Best Feature




«The Rug» is an experimental art film, a script written by the collective unconscious, a work written with ink of music. The privileged poetic means of the expression of the unreal but also of the intangible to the material, the anthropology of art of the Algerian heritage, signs, symbols and rituals. The magic is above all that of the cinematographic language.
The natural beauty in the landscape of «The Rug» avoids the pitfall by making the majestic decor a simple decorum, but an element that fits into the composition of the plots to make sense. The movement of the characters also accentuates the preeminence of nature. A tale of the beauty of art, a dream in a reality. The cinema of painting frames with poetic scenes.


Best Documentary

A Collective Tragedy: Waibel’s Stalingrad Inferno

Director Handuo Zhang


The film is about mixed media visual artist and poet Joachim Waibel and the creation of his Stalingrad painting series. Originally from Germany, Waibel relocated to North America in 1973 and has since explored many avenues of self-expression, in keeping with his eclectic cultural upbringing and he is a postmodern renaissance man.





Best Web Episode


BadBoo: An Olfactory Offense

Director Jayshree Chander


“BadBoo: An Olfactory Offense” is a humorous take on a couple of aspects of the sensory experience of India, particularly olfactory pollution and public urination. The film makes a lighthearted case for using public restrooms, keeping those restrooms clean and pleasant, avoiding unnecessary chemical pollution, and being grateful to those doing the work of keeping our environment clean.
Superhero JedEye JypsyJays is working out to ensure she is strong and prepared for when her next mission presents itself. Suddenly she is hit by a horrendous stench, and with that she finds her mission for the day.


Best Animation



Director Carlos Smith Rovira


Mr.X is a grey guy with a boring job. A wallflower. Covering all antique shops on sundays is his only one hobby. One day he comes across a pair of glasses which show him the world really as it is, a city full of beasts killing and eating each other. Scared, he tries to get rid of them, but the visions persist, hopeless. He’ll have to face that reality.



Best Student Film

Dancer By The Sea

Director Barbara Mones

United States

An lonely widowed older woman who lives by the sea finds and adopts an abandoned baby otter on her property. The relationship that develops transforms her life.


Best Music Video


Director Kun Xia

United States

Journey through space and the process of creation with animated discordant, combine with abstract imagery with symbolism storytelling.



Best Experimental Film



Director Veine


As the spectators in a zoo watch an animal, it wakes up. From the inside of its cage, the animal becomes the spectator of the questions and curious glances.






Best Camera


Director Davide Canali


A short short film about man, born from the interaction between the external world, in which he moves and relates, and the inner world made of pains, desires and resilience.





Best Actor

João Delgado Lourenço

The Turn Key Club

Director João Lourenço

Gustave is a man of peculiar tastes, as his job requires of him. The Turn Key Club is an exclusive club with the purpose of studying and deconstructing an absolutely paramount element of the human condition — comfort. However, Gustave is about to learn that not everything is what it seems. Sometimes, we find what we look for where we least expect.



Best Actress

Anna Faulkner


Director Stephen Wise

United States

During a time of nomadic civilization, a woman traveling through the wilderness alone comes across a young orphaned girl and must take her to safety while fighting off marauders.




Best Director

A Paper House

Director Wei Geng


There is a fifth-grade girl named Jiang Ling in a village in northern China. Not long ago, a boy named Lin Jiang was transferred to her class. Jiang Ling accidentally found that there were many paper houses in Lin Jiang’s home and they were exactly the same as the houses in her village in appearance and quantity. She also found that there seemed to be some terrible connection between these paper houses and the real houses.Jiang Ling was determined to find out the secrets of these paper houses···




Best Feature Screenplay


Italians Without A Cause

Writer Lucia Braccalenti


Italy, 2018. Aurora is a Millennial girl who, after trying to become a screenwriter, has given up on her dream. She has become a cynical person, surrounded by corrupted and petty people. One day, Aurora meets Giuliana, a prostitute of her town, and the two of them will try to change their destiny. Is it still possible to make dreams come true in a country that has stopped dreaming?




Best Short Screenplay


Writer Bijoy Raveendran


Maya, a paraplegic schoolgirl and constant victim of bullying enrols in her 7th school in 6 years. An oddball in her family of over-achievers, she constantly feels trapped and powerless in her crippled body. Overcome by mounting pressure and rejection from family, society and friends, she regrets her incapability of even caring for Aju, her neglected younger sibling.
On a particularly bad night, as the clock strikes 3, Maya’s worst nightmares come to life as her house is invaded by a faceless burglar with a penchant for the macabre. As the night wears on in a twisted game of cat and mouse, Maya must gather her draining courage, overcome the demons in her head, and fight till dawn to protect her family against this otherworldly threat.



Best Web Series Screenplay

The Mobsters Boss

Writer Dana Maree Olita

United States

The Mobster’s Boss is a gangster comedy set in the 1970’s at the height of the Philadelphia Mob years. The story is narrated by the 16-year-old daughter of South Philly Mobster Angelo “The Fixer” Brunichelli. Angelo is ruthless in his work. He has no tolerance for disobedience in his organization. We quickly see there are two sides to Angelo’s life. The ruthless Mobster who everyone fears and the Family man who is afraid to ever be late for dinner.